Sweeping the Nation with Indianapolis Photo Booths

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What began as a simple trend has quickly swept the nation as one of the entertainment trends of the decade! In fact, on average, there is a Tweet about photo booths every 15 minutes, and there are more than two million posts on Instagram featuring the hashtag #photobooths.

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Straight Cheesin’

Our Indianapolis photo booth, ‘The Booth,’ was designed with our guests in mind. It can handle ballrooms, wedding barns, living rooms, you name it! Because of its sleek and classic look, it’ll never clash with your event’s style and décor. It’s not so large that it takes up precious space, but it’s large enough to fit many friends and family inside at one time to capture the ultimate party picture. Our photo booth is classy, elegant, and offers superior quality compared to its competition. It even provides a simple touch screen!

When you provide your guests with the entertainment, excitement, and shear fun a photo booth rental brings to your event, your guests will have a blast! They will stay longer, take home the best party favors, and rave about how great of an idea having a photo booth was! They’ll be cheesin’ for days after your event, you can count on it.

We now have three completely different photo booth experiences for you!

Mirror X PhotoBooth – made by Fotomaster; currently the world’s most luxurious photo booth and software. Check it out on Google for more information! Price ranges from $795-$1,295.

Max Curve DSLR – a sleek, small-footprint photo booth; can send photos via text or email, a more economical approach with a classy photo booth experience. Price ranges from $450-$750.

Enclosed Photo Booth – classic mall photo booth look, but with a more elegant feel for weddings; photos printed on the spot, like at the mall! Price ranges from $650-$895.

Every photo booth rental includes copies of all the photos taken at your event.

Guests will have access to an assortment of props for tons of entertainment!

Pictures from a photo booth are an excellent gift for your guests!