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Vow & Forver

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Out of all of the weddings we provided our dj services for in the Indianapolis area during 2016. Avon, IN seemed to be where we got to set up, the most often. We did several weddings at the Avon Wedding Barn, the Avon Gardens, and Prestwick Country Club! We also stayed very busy in nearby areas as well. We always have a good time at the Lizton Wedding Barn, The Palms Banquet and Conference center. We had an amazing time spinning music at each and every single one of these venues and so many more venues like the new Mallow Run Winery. Our staff at Indianapolis wedding DJ’s truly appreciates the opportunity to go into each and every one of these venues and play their hearts out!

We had our Photo Booth at Land Sharks a few nights ago with their house DJ Chris. This year we did many corporate parties from fashion shows to Christmas parties. Our corporate clients range from Giants like: Wal-Mart, SafeCo, YMCA and to little guys like apartment complexes and electricians. We customize each and every single party to fit our client’s individual needs. I believe that is something we have always excelled in. We’ve had many cultural experiences this year as well. We had a fantastic time at the Scottish Rite Cathedral this year. Talk about a lot of dancing and fun! The venue itself raises the bar for any party! We were fortunate enough to run into a couple of friends that were working there that same night. It is always great to work with friends.

We just celebrated our last wedding of the year 2016. I am happy to say that we absolutely went out in style at the new Jamestown Wedding Barn! What a beautiful new venue and very friendly staff. The firework show was out of this world!

I feel very blessed to do what I do for a living! Not many people can call themselves an artist and successful in the same sentence. I’ve been in the business for going on almost 11 years, what a long and strange road it has been. It has brought about so many memories and hilariously entertaining nights! One truly couldn’t imagine without walking in my shoes for a day! The crowd feeds me with entertainment as I feed them with energy each and every night I play my dream. I may have the worst sleeping pattern a man could ask for, but it is worth every lost hour of sleep by a long shot! Can you even imagine spinning records around Indianapolis up to 7 days a week? It’s insane! I am having the time of my life, but I am starting to slow down the number of events I do per week due to hearing loss. When you do well over a 100 events per year with speakers next to your head it begins to take it’s toll on your hearing. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world though. Every weekend I am reminded of what Love really is! Destiny has found me ☺ ☺ I mean, my soundman and stage setter has worked for Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen etc. He works for me now!!!!!!!

If you see me on the one and two’s in the Indianapolis area come up and say hello!

Above all, we appreciate all of our clients and the commitment from our employees in 2016. We hope 2017 becomes our best year yet!